Less fees. More travel.

Check more off your travel bucket list with Brightside.

See the world. Save while you do it.

Travel can be full of surprises, but your banking shouldn’t be. With the Brightside Spend Card, load and use it worldwide without any foreign exchange (FX) fees, or any kind of fees. Instead you’ll earn cash back as you spend, have security controls to keep your money safe, and much more. Fund your future travels in easy ways with our free savings buckets and features.

All of the travel. None of the fees.

Travelling is fun. The FX fees that traditional banks charge?... Not so much. With the Brightside Spend Card, you’ll never have to worry about things like foreign exchange fees or transaction limits.

Instead of charging fees we believe you should be using that $$ to do more you (especially if you can do that in more places).

Pack your bags and your Brightside Spend Card

Our no-fee, no credit check spend card makes budgeting for your trip a breeze. Simply load your spend bucket to set your trip budget and stick to it. While you’re on vacay you’ll earn 0.5% cash back on every purchase. 

Keeping your money safe while you travel with:

Insurance & purchase protection

Helping keep your money and your things safe

Security & notifications

Get push notifications every time you spend. You can even freeze your card in-app if you lose it

Friendly support

Our support team is just a tap away to help you whenever (or wherever) you need us

Next stop: More travel

Grow your travel fund with our easy-to-use savings features and buckets:

  • Savings buckets help you see how much you’re saving for your next trip. With up to 10 buckets to create, you can save for the next trip. And the next. And the… you get it

  • Savings goals. Add a goal to your savings bucket to track how close you are to your next trip and motivate you to keep saving

  • Round Ups help you turn your everyday purchases in to extra savings for travel. Use Round Ups to send your spare change in to one of your travel buckets. The savings add up fast!