Load. Spend. Save.

Load your card. Spend with control. Save with 0.5% cash back.

Say hi to the Brightside Spend Card

Our no-fee Mastercard® helps you take control of your spending while saving at the same time. You get all the functionality of a credit card without the worry of racking up debt.
All you have to do is load, spend, and save.


Load your card by moving money into your spend card bucket in‑app, in minutes.


Shop online and wherever Mastercard® is accepted worldwide with unlimited transactions, for free.

Stay on budget with spend alerts that notify you about purchases and declines on your spend card.


Earn 0.5% cash back each time you spend your own money. No limits or need to use credit, just pure cash back.

Save a little extra when you spend local at one of our Friends with Benefits.

Spend whenever, wherever.

Pay your way in-store, in-app, and online from the mobile devices you use every day. Brightside currently supports:

More about the Brightside Spend Card

  • No fees, for real. No annual or monthly fees.

  • Free ATM withdrawals at ATB Financial.

  • Control your card in-app: Freeze your card, reset you PIN, and even order a replacement.

  • Purchase protection: Most purchases are protected from theft and damage for 90 days and include up to an additional year of warranty.

Start spending and saving with Brightside.

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