Set it. Forget it. Save it.

Savings buckets fill up fast when you’re busy doing you.

All about savings buckets

Savings buckets are just like savings accounts at other banks and work exactly the same way (without any fees or minimum balance requirements). Whatever you're saving for you can create a bucket and use our features to help you make it happen.

Round it up. Live it up.

Round Ups helps you make every purchase count a little more. Round up your purchases to the nearest  $1, $2 or $5 and watch in amazement as the extra amounts add up and fill up your savings bucket!

It’s savings. It’s automatic. It’s Save Automagically.

Healthy savings habits don’t get much easier than this. Schedule an amount to be regularly and automatically transferred from any bank account into a Brightside bucket of your choosing. Simple math. Magical results.

Ready. Set. Crush your savings with goals.

You can add a goal to any savings bucket with a custom name and target date. Put our easy to use savings features to work and simply watch your #goals become reality.

Customize your savings buckets

Use up to 10 buckets to track your saving and stay motivated. Customize your buckets to make them work the best they can for you and your goals.

  • Nickname your bucket whatever you want

  • Add a bucket for each thing you are saving for 

  • Hide your bucket balance from yourself to take away the temptation of spending your hard-saved savings