Savings: Automatic.
Goals: Crushed.

Save Automagically is totally customizable (and totally automagic).

Save without a second thought

Set up customizable, automatic savings transfers to have your savings magically appear in one of your buckets. Set up as many Save Automagically transfers as you'd like, and customize each one specifically to whatever it is you're saving for.

Set your amount

Choose to save big, small, or anywhere in between. Simply set the amount you'd like to automatically transfer from one of your connected banks.

Save on your schedule

  • Choose your start date and have your transfers repeat weekly, every two weeks, or monthly

  • Select the bucket you want your Save Automagically transfer sent to

  • Adjust, or stop a transfer in-app, whenever you want

Crush your savings goals

  • Set up as many Save Automagically transfers as you need, for free. Customize each one for each and every thing you're saving for

  • Add a goal to your savings bucket to stay motivated and track your progress