Round it up and add it up.

Automatically stash away a little change every time you spend.

How Round Ups work

Saving can be tough. But spending? That's easy.
Do both with Round Ups.


Say you pay $13.32 at your favourite lunch spot. Choose to round up your purchase to the nearest $1, $2, or $5. If you had $2 Round Ups on, for example, you're purchase would be rounded up to $15 and you'd save $1.68.

Connect and use any card you spend with

  • Round Ups work with the Brightside Spend Card or other debit/credit cards you have.

  • You pick the card you want to round up your purchases on and pick the connected bank account you want your savings to move from each week.

Set your savings pace

  • Round Up your purchases to the nearest $1, $2, or $5.

  • Choose the bucket you want your Round Ups sent to each week.

  • Adjust the amount you're rounding up by anytime in-app.

Watch your savings grow each week

  • Each Monday, all of the Round Ups from the previous week are added up and the total amount is moved from the selected account into one of your buckets

  • Keep spending each week and we'll automatically do the saving for you. It's that easy.

Start spending and saving with Brightside.

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