A+ top ups

October 01, 2021
Live. Save. Repeat

School your savings with 3x top ups at our on-campus friends

Triple your top ups at our on-campus Friends with Benefits for the whole month of October when you pay with your free Brightside Spend Card.

Maybe you’re a U of A undergrad stopping by Dewey’s for some perogy poutine. Or maybe you’re a SAIT student looking for some good food, good drinks and good times at The Gateway. Heck, maybe you’re just at U of C just grabbing a snack from Stör. Wherever you find one of our on-campus friends, if you spend over $3, we’ll give you 3x your top up.

Let’s do the math for the less number-inclined (sorry not sorry, arts students.) Say you stop by The Den for Wing Wednesday to let off some mid-week steam. You spend a total of $15.25. Instead of getting your usual 75 cent top up, you’ll get 3x that! So that’s $2.25 in extra savings going into your bucket (almost enough for an order of The Den mini donuts). 

Here’s how you can cash in: 

  1. Spend directly at one of our on-campus Friends with Benefits with your Brightside Spend Card
  2. Receive your bonus top up, deposited directly into your spend bucket 

Pretty great, right? And with multiple partners at U of A, U of C, and SAIT offering everything from food and drinks to copying services, we're super excited to introduce you to our friends. BTW, you can only get one bonus per day at each of our friends. So that second daily double espresso at The Daily Grind may be energizing, but it won’t get you a bonus (but tomorrow’s will!).

Score these sweet savings and more with the Brightside Spend Card

Get the card that gives you more for spending your own money! With our loadable Mastercard® you’ll earn 0.5% cash back every time you spend and extra top ups for supporting local at our 250+ Friends with Benefits, IRL and online. No credit check required to get your card.

The small print: Valid until October 31, 2021. Maximum of one top up bonus per partner per day. Minimum spends may apply. Must be of legal age to participate in alcohol-based promotions. Brightside reserves the right at any time to limit the number of top up bonuses paid out or make amendments to active promotions. Brightside Rewards Terms & Conditions also apply.