Budget, spend, and save.

Create and customize up to 10 buckets to make your money work for you.

All about buckets

Buckets are Brightside’s version of accounts and (of course) they’re totally free! You can use your buckets to budget, spend from, save into, or maybe just to stash a little money away. However you choose to use ‘em, buckets make it easy to organize your money.

Budget with buckets

  • Add a bucket for every thing in your budget. Need some ideas? Try a bucket for bills. A bucket for takeout. A bucket for your next staycation.

  • Organize your money and direct your savings into the buckets you've setup.

Spend with buckets

  • Get the Brightside Spend Card and connect it to one of your buckets.

  • Load your spend card bucket with your own money and take control of your spending.

Save with buckets

  • Fill up your buckets by hooking them up to our savings features, Round Ups and Save Automagically.

  • Crush your savings goals by making a bucket for each and every thing you’re saving for.

Customize all your buckets

  • Nickname your buckets whatever you want and change the name anytime.

  • Add buckets when you need them, remove some when you don’t.

  • Hide your bucket balance from yourself to prevent spending those hard earned savings before you’ve reached your goal.

Start spending and saving with Brightside.

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