July 30, 2020
Community & Co-creation

Coming together while staying apart

Introducing #STAYBRIGHT. An interactive art installation of epic proportions presented by us here at Brightside, in partnership with PARK. Together, we’ve created a space at The Rise on St. Patrick's Island in Calgary, for you to stay connected, get inspired, and enjoy the summer (while safely staying two meters apart).

This unique approach to physical distancing will be set up for the entire month of August, providing a space for the community to safely come together and live their lives to the fullest this summer. You can immerse yourself in #STAYBRIGHT to enjoy a picnic with friends, get active with a workout, or soak up the cityscape, while enjoying the incredible art.

Art of co-creation

At Brightside, we dig community and co-creation. Like really, really dig it. We're excited to be working with PARK to create a special community-oriented initiative that supports local artists.
This installation came to life with the help of the local artist duo, Nasarimba. They designed and conceptualized the colourful large-scale interactive piece with designated areas for physical distancing, all while looking out on some amazing city views. The ground mural was inspired by a desire for connection and stimulation of the imagination. The duo used a technique that was new to them - environmentally, non-toxic paint applied to the grass that will be continually refreshed throughout August so it’s always looking fresh.

Experience #STAYBRIGHT this August

Be sure to share how you choose to safely experience and enjoy #STAYBRIGHT by using the hashtag and tagging us @hibrightsider.

Remember, visitors must abide by all Alberta Health Services and City of Calgary guidelines. For more information on the project visit ourparkonline.com/staybright.