Spend, save, and celly with Brightside

February 22, 2021
Live. Save. Repeat

Brightside: The MVP of banking apps

Top qualities of an MVP? Versatile, positive, and an unwavering commitment to help the team succeed. Also, all the qualities you’ll find when using Brightside to spend and save. Think of us as the banking app that will celebrate your wins with you, encourage you to give it your all, and help ensure you reach your goals. The Brightside app is most definitely a player you want on your financial team. Here are some of the ways Brightside does it:

Top shelf spending

Put your old debit and credit cards in the sin bin and start taking advantage of the best of both with the Brightside Spend Card. You get all the control of debit with the convenience and cash back perks of credit. All for free (win-win).

The Brightside Spend Card is easily loadable, giving you peace of mind and control over your spending. You simply load your spend bucket (our version of an account) and you’re all set to spend what you’ve put in there. Goodbye debt and overspending.

You also get all the benefits of a Mastercard®, like being able to use your card online and worldwide with unlimited transactions. Plus you earn cash back on every purchase. Bonus: The Brightside Spend Card comes in three fun designs that are real conversation starters - we think they’re the G.O.A.T.

Score a savings hat trick

Bench your old savings accounts and start using Brightside to crush your goals - big or small. Brightside has multiple features to help you automate your savings and save more than you thought possible.

  • Round Ups, the crowd fav, gets you saving each time you spend with your Brightside Spend Card or any other debit/credit card you use. You pick the round up amount to the nearest $1, $2, or $5 and just watch your savings grow.
  • Save Automagically lets you create automated and customizable savings transfers that are deposited right into one of your Brightside buckets. You select the amount you want to save and choose how frequently you want those savings deposited in-app. Are you the slow and steady kind or like those savings to add up quick?
  • Finally, snipe some extra savings when you use the Brightside Spend Card to shop local at our Friends with Benefits. Along with cash back, you’ll get an additional savings top up in your bucket when you spend, in-store and online, at any of the great local businesses we’ve partnered with across Alberta. There’s plenty of local breweries and restaurants that are the perfect additions to your nights in watching the big game or for when you head out with friends.

Get spending, saving, and celly-ing in an instant

Brightside’s the perfect addition to your everyday banking line-up. There’s no need to switch to get started and everything is free to use. All you need to do is download the app to sign up in minutes (even faster than your typical O.T.)