Reach the peak of your saving with Brightside

February 19, 2021
Live. Save. Repeat

Start piling up some savings with Brightside

The Alberta winter is here in full force and that means the powder is piling up. For those that can handle the chill, even when it dips below -20, a mountain escape is a must. With a few months left in the ski season now is the perfect time to save for an epic day or even a weekend away.

Those trips to the mountains don’t come cheap. So we’re breaking down our fave ways to rack up some gnarly savings that you can use to hit the slopes (and even have some extra for a well deserved après). Check out all our reccos to supercharge your ski fund or pick just one way to start saving for the pow.

Buckets (but not just one for your head)

Buckets are a saving essential at Brightside. They’re our version of an account, and along with being totally free, you can set one up in minutes that’s specifically made for saving for your trip to the mountains. Hook up a Brightside savings feature (or two!) to your bucket and start watching it fill up.

Shred your savings goals

Saving should never feel as hard as conquering a double black diamond. With Brightside, our savings features let you automate your savings and easily carve out some cha-ching.

Take saving for a lift ticket. With Save Automagically you can set up an automatic transfer of just $30 a week and in less than a month you’ll have saved what you need to hit the slopes and maybe have enough for one or two post run bevvies.

If setting aside even that much every week feels like a lot, try Round Ups. You’ll start saving every time you spend with the Brightside Spend Card (or any other debit/credit card you use) because all your purchases will automatically get rounded up to the nearest $1, $2, or $5 and those savings will go directly to your bucket and before you know it you’re ready to shred. Want a hefty post run fund? Give $5 Round Ups a try!

Save on the après at our friends

The savings don’t need to stop when you hit the slopes! Use your free Brightside Spend Card and earn cash back on everything, plus a little extra savings when you spend local at any of our Friends with Benefits.

If you’re headed to the mountains some of our fave Friends with Benefits are: Banff Ave Brewing Co. and Pizza in Banff, The Grizzly Paw in Canmore, and Jasper Brewing Co. so you can say “pizza” and “french fry” on and off the slopes!

And there you have it - our fave ways to get you saving (and spending) to get up to the mountains this winter. Use all these tips together to supercharge your ski fund or pick just one way to start saving for the pow.

Not using Brightside yet? Sign up now and you can have your first bucket and savings features set up in minutes (all for free)!