Money Honey: Brightside x Milk Jar Candle Co.

September 20, 2020
Community & Co-creation

Money Honey: Brightside x Milk Jar Candle Co.

Inspired by life’s bright moments: Introducing Money Honey, our custom candle collab with Milk Jar Candle Co. A unique way of bringing Brightside to life from the comfort of your own home, representing who we are: a banking app to help you spend and save for the things you love without giving up what you love. Dollars and scents, if you will.

We wanted to create a special blend to spark positivity and celebrate all of life’s wins (big and small). Here at Brightside, we love community and co-creation, creating products and experiences that are meaningful and valuable.

So we enlisted the experts. Enter Holly Singer and her team at Milk Jar Candle Co. Milk Jar Candle Co. is based in Calgary, creating hand poured, clean burning soy candles with a vision of supporting the community they live in.

Co-created & poured with love

Posting up at Milk Jar Candle Co.’s extra-cool factory, we played with different combinations of scents to truly represent Brightside and our vision for the candle. What would a positive, bold and cheeky banking app smell like? Spoiler alert: pretty darn good. We landed the perfect blend thanks to Holly’s magic. Rich red cedar showcases our Alberta roots, a bright flair of citrus, and a touch of honey (those sweet, sweet savings).

It pretty much named itself. Money Honey, an affirmation of positivity and confidence, empowering you to spend and save for what you love. It was important that the label design spoke to that sentiment, our bright and bold colours applied to the rolling hills of Alberta.

Put it all together and Money Honey is empowering, positive, and celebratory. Basically, it’s Brightside in a jar.

Q & A with Milk Jar Candle Co. founder, Holly Singer.

Holly Singer, founder of Milk Jar Candle Co.

Now enough from us about Money Honey. Here’s what the connoisseur of candles herself, Holly Singer, has to say.

Brightside: How would you describe the scent?
Holly Singer: Money Honey is earthy and vibrant, with a touch of sweetness.

Brightside: How does Money Honey make you feel?
Holly Singer: Money Honey makes us feel confident; the same way financial security does. There’s a certain cologne-esque to the red cedar that parallels luxury.

Brightside: What’s the best moment to burn this candle?
Holly Singer: The theme of 2020 seems to be livability and comfort. We think that Money Honey is best burned when you’re comfortable and planning for the future. Maybe even lighting it as a celebration for the little victories we’ve all accomplished during such a strange year.

And there you have it! Money, honey. Though this limited edition collab isn’t available for purchase, we have some flaming hot giveaways over on Instagram for you to get your hands on your very own bit of Brightside.