It’s time to take total control of your spending

November 30, 2020
Live. Save. Repeat

Can you imagine going about your day to day life without spending money? We get it. It’s hard! Because spending is a significant part of how we live. Like it or not, we’ll likely never run out of ways to spend.

Credit cards are a convenient and easy way to pay for most of our daily purchases. But the reality is that until we pay off our, sometimes frightening, credit card bill, the things we buy aren’t yet paid for (womp-womp).

So, real talk. Instead of borrowing money from your future self, why not give spending your own money - in real-time - a try. You get the immediate benefit of taking more control of your spending, balanced with the ability to live your best life, and actually afford it.

Here are a few habits to help you start to control your spending and make you feel like you have more discipline. Spoiler alert. You can build these habits while still doing what you love.

Learn to spend your own money

You can be the boss when it comes to spending. With the Brightside Spend Card that puts you in total control. Instead of potentially racking up some debt, using a credit card to make purchases, you get the comfort of knowing that every time you spend you’re using money you actually have. Because how good would it feel to not have to worry about how to actually pay for something after you bought it? Pretty damn good.

When you fund your Brightside Spend Card in-app, you’re essentially setting limits for yourself to encourage good spending habits - because you can only spend what you have available in your spend card bucket.

Be intentional when you spend

If you’re intentional when you spend, you can stay on top of your dollars. You'll be much more aware of whether you’re spending responsibly and have better control of where your moula is going. Now, does the idea of avoiding impulse spending sound like a dream? Here’s how our spend card can help you actually accomplish intentional spending.

Say you have $100 left in your spend card bucket (which you’ve nicknamed ‘Make It Rain’, because manifestation). Sadly, pay day is still a few days away. Because you know exactly how much of your own money you have left to spend, you have the ability to be far more thoughtful about your non-essential purchases. You’ll also have a better shot at winning the overspending temptation battle, because you won’t have the option of just spending on credit.

What can make developing an intentional spending habit hard is that most of us tend to spend money the same way. If we see something we like, we buy it (because we all have a bit of the “I want it, I got it” mentality. Thanks Ariana). Whether it’s scoring the newest phone or that winter coat you’ve been saving for, it’s important to focus on buying the things that add value to our lives.

Instead of practicing what many consider ‘normal’ spending behaviours, spend money on your terms. Get more intentional and your purchases will likely make you far more happy.

Ditch credit and keep the perks

Credit cards are functional and aren’t always a bad option. But, they can also come with a side of debt. And a side of debt isn’t usually worth the extra cost the same way that guac always is. When you use your Brightside Spend Card, you can avoid the monthly bill, and its best friend: interest.

Not only that, you don’t have to miss out on the perks that a lot of basic credit cards provide. With the free Brightside Spend Card you still get lots of extras every time you spend your own money.

Let’s start with 0.5% cash back. Yep, that’s cash back just for spending your own coin. Even if you regret indulging in a few premium $10 craft beers (said no one ever), you can rest easy knowing you didn’t go into debt to enjoy them. And you can even relish the fact that you made a little change at the same time.

You also get lots of other perks, like unlimited transactions, protection insurance, and the convenience of online spending. Plus, there is the added bonus of earning extra savings when you use our spend card, in-store and online, with any of our Friends with Benefits.

So, if you‘ve been looking for a card that is part credit, part debit - the best of both worlds - we’ve got you covered. Download the app to get spending your own money with ease, intentionally, and (of course) with all sorts of rewards. You are in total control of how much you spend and save with Brightside.