Gettin’ crafty while co-creating

June 04, 2020
Community & Co-creation

Okay we get it, you might be thinking - what does building a banking app have in common with brewing a beer? For us, it’s co-creation, and lots of it!

What’s brewing?

For the last few years, we’ve been building Brightside with the help of Albertans. Co-creating a banking experience that’s as built for you as it is by you. We’ve taken the same approach in supporting Alberta Beer Festival’s #BeTheBrewer contest. Each year, the public gets to build a craft beer from scratch. Voting to select the beer style, name, and choose the winning label design before turning it over to the pros to produce a fully crowd sourced brew.

The 2020 contest kicked off in January and several months later, the perfect light ale to take you into a world of fantasy and fun this summer is here - “The Walking Red” Irish Red Ale.

This is how you brew it

This bad boy was chosen by Albertans, but it’s been brewed by the students in the Olds College Brewmaster Program, with a little help from two local breweries, Two House and The Growlery. The Brewmaster Program teaches students the fundamentals of craft beer making, while giving them access to industry experts. Two House and The Growlery have mentored the brewmaster students, and together are making our hoppy dreams a reality by creating one of their first ales.

Sip & support

Keen to get your hands on The Walking Red? You can pick up a six pack and know you’re supporting the Brewmaster Program at the same time by purchasing the beer exclusively at the select locations listed below.

Cheers to co-creating a beer together. Now, go get your sip on!


  • Sobeys Liquor Royal Oak
  • Sobeys Liquor Cranston
  • Crescent Liquor Cranston
  • Crescent Liquor Edmonton Trail
  • Highlander Wine & Spirits - various locations


  • Sobeys Liquor Kingsway
  • Sobeys Liquor Newcastle


  • Sobeys Liquor Gaetz South


  • Olds College Brewery