Feeling financially empowered with Selina Gray

February 09, 2021
Live. Save. Repeat

Recently, we’ve been sharing a series of financial affirmations to make you feel empowered, courageous, and reflective, over on Facebook and the 'gram. Crafted in partnership with Selina Gray, now we want you to meet the woman behind these money mantras and unpack them together.

Meet Selina Gray

Selina Gray is a financial empowerment expert based in Edmonton, encouraging people to welcome financial freedom into their lives by being wealthy from the inside out. We’ve always admired Selina’s money mindset, and the start of a new year was the perfect time to collab on where our outlooks connect. If you’re not familiar with Selina, you won’t find her preaching to you about the different ways that you should be spending and saving your money. Instead Selina encourages us all to think about our money and the relationship we have with it. Her unique and accepting approach to personal finance aligns so well with our mission here at Brightside - to help you build financial habits (like saving regularly and spending responsibly) that remove money as a stress point in your life.

Now that you know all about the money BO$$ that is Selina Gray, let’s get to the good stuff and dive into these affirmations.

How you choose to spend is a direct reflection of how you choose to love yourself

-Selina Gray , financial empowerment expert

That was a financial mic drop moment for us. This isn’t about literally spending (and saving) as a way of showing yourself love, but doing it with intention that aligns to your values and goals. These intentions, which are unique to each and every one of us, translate to self love and healthy financial habits. For Selina, “our relationship with money is reflected in our choices and in the way we choose to show up for ourselves” and “that helps us feel rich from the inside out”. That’s a money mindset we love to encourage and believe in.

I don’t have to save my money like anyone else, I don’t have to spend my money like anyone else. I can interact with my money in a way that’s unique to me

-Selina Gray , financial empowerment expert

Here at Brightside we don’t believe there's a “one size fits all” approach to money. From talking with all sorts of Albertans to inform how we’ve built our app, we’ve learned just how unique everyone is when it comes to interacting with money. We all choose to use it in different ways that bring each of us as individuals joy, security, fulfillment and more. For Selina, this realization means breaking the status quo when it comes to money, and taking time to understand your values, and consider your goals - both short and long term. It’s ultimately about having the courage to give yourself permission to do things in your own way.

To radically shift your perspective with money, celebrate when it comes in, appreciate it when it goes out

-Selina Gray , financial empowerment expert

Our final financial affirmation (try saying that three times fast) with Selina is about perspective. It’s easy to forget about the power we hold on our financial perspective… or hey - maybe you haven’t even thought about that yet (and that’s alright!). We can easily get swept up in the “day to day” when it comes to money. It can simply feel like money in, money out, and that we have no control. When money comes into your life, allow yourself to feel gratitude, genuinely appreciating the present moment. And when money goes out? Spend it on things you value so gratitude can continue to flow. With an intentional financial perspective, we can take control of our money, recognize the value it has, the opportunities it brings, and the experiences it affords us to make us feel rich from the inside out (as Selina would say).

We hope these affirmations and their sentiments sparked something meaningful and that you feel more empowered and confident in your relationship with your money. If you ever need that reminder to “keep doing you” or a bit of encouragement to reflect on your money mindset - these will always be here.

Whether you’re new to Brightside or have been with us for a while - you can count on us to deliver an experience that helps you enjoy your relationship with money. One that’s built for you as you are.